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Having a shelter is an achievement for individuals. Setting up a shop or commercial complex is the aim of some people. Investing in immovable properties is a passion, and of course a business, for many.

Knowing the needs of the customer, we are into Residential Land development, Agriculture Land Development, Industrial Land Development. We also help our clients in land purchasing and selling, land agreements, and always open for property related consultations and legal opinions. Possibilities are always there of getting cheated of stucking in tussles in all fields. In Real Estate, such possibilities are more than in any sector. It has been a difficult job to identify genuine parties while buying or selling. Many are stuck in problems after fake documents.

We ensure that one’s hard-earned money and time should not go waste or turn stale. It is for sure that clients’ spending should be returned with much profit in the near future. We also train our clients on Do’s and Don’ts of the Real Estate industry. If they are either agricultural land or non-agricultural (NA) land, we will help them to add value to their property by proper guidance and involve them in the progress. If one wants to buy such land, we are here to make the whole process stress and hassle-free.

We extend our services only with reliable and integral persons and parties.

HEBBARZONE is also concerned about the authenticity of documents pertaining to the property. We have a panel of experts in legal aspects to verify the integrity of documents.


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